May 15, 2016


Thank you for taking the time, trouble and effort to visit our website to perhaps find out a little more about us. WLBW is one of the longest running Adult rooms on Paltalk, our aim is to supply you with our very own live DJ’s who will entertain you 24/7 every day of the year “WE NEVER CLOSE.” Our DJ’s will provide you with a wide range of music from Rock n Roll, Country, The Golden Oldies to the latest Top 100 packed with fantastic music.

The name We Like Being Watched should encourage you to start your cam upon arrival and join in the great atmosphere the room provides. We often have in excess of 50 cams broadcasting in WLBW, so why not be one of them and start enjoying the sights of our wonderful cammers. We ask that you adhere to a few small room rules, which you will find under guidelines section of our site. Please familiarize yourself with these rules, as it will save you being disciplined by the room Administrators. None of these rules are taxing, they are based on the values of life;

  • Politeness
  • Common decency
  • Rudeness towards other roomies is not tolerated at all.
  • Above all respect towards others.

You might wonder why our room name is green, Its simple:

  1. We like our roomies to have the best quality sound it makes listening to music so much more enjoyable.
  2. Being such a popular room that at times it becomes so busy that the free room option isn’t enough to accommodate Paltalk members and admins, our room capacity also increases to 500, plus the rooms admins, so there should be more than enough room for everyone.

In instructing why we colour our room it does come at a price, So if you are interested in helping the room out please don’t hesitate in following this link or simply ask an admin to help guide you through this. We appreciate any donations made.

I hope that we have gone through all questions you might have thought of and now its time to sit back enjoy the music, start a conversation and see how many people join in the conversation you will be surprised. Many of our roomies have been in the room for many years.  We are pleased to be a multi-cultural room that accepts people from all walks of life that is what makes us unique. We have struck up many long term relationships and friendships, so why not hang around get to know our roomies and form a bond of your own. Thank you for taking the time in reading about our room and we hope it was both informative and useful we look forward to seeing you in We Like Being Watched.