May 17, 2016

Admin Guidelines



  1. Admins are strongly encouraged to cam up while in the room. An overlay is certainly acceptable in lieu of a live cam. It is the best way to support the room and in helping to encourage our guests to cam up as well. If you are away from the keyboard but are leaving your nickname in the room, then please leave cam on with an overlay. Overlays can be found by clicking on the Room Overlay tab on this site and following the simple download instructions.
  2. Loyalty to our room is expected. Visiting other rooms is certainly permitted, but we do not expect our admins to advertise that they’re visiting other rooms in their Pal status messages.
  3. Please take time to greet any guest who says hello in main text. It’s important that we ALWAYS ensure that each guest is properly greeted and made to feel comfortable as soon as they enter our room.
  4. All Admins… we would like to ask you to add all Super Admins to your list for ease of communication. However, if you have a valid reason not to add a Super Admin, or if you feel the need to remove a Super Admin from your list, please inform LORRX. For a list of all Super Admins, please go to the Admins tab on this site!


  1. Underage guests.
  2. Repeated rule breaking when a guest has already been warned about twice before.
  3. Extreme rudeness of any kind: in open room text, including rude comments to those on cam, anyone who makes a racist statement, anyone who purposely makes a statement based on sexual preference. Any guest who advertises a pay-for-cam show


  1. If a room guest breaks a room rule, they are to be dotted and warned in text.
  2. Dot and warn for a second offense.
  3. Bounce after two dots have been issued and they still don’t comply with room rules.
  4. Special case that is reserved for experienced admins. There are a few nicks that are known habitual offenders. They come in under different black nicks. A onetime dot warn if they repeat then a bounce is allowed. This special case is reserved for habitual offenders that skirt the ban rules. under no circumstance should your personal relationship positive or negative influence said auto bounce. And any time these happen there will be a special look at the bounce.


  1. Badgering/pestering room guests/@s who are on cam. Guests can ask for individual PMs/whispers as long as they don’t repeat themselves in room or continually badger someone for PMs/whispers. We now allow directing if it’s not pestering.
  2. English only text. (Greetings in other languages are allowed)
  3. Posting unauthorized links, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers


  • NO MIC JUMPING!!! Red dot immediately but do not bounce unless it is an obvious attempt to take over the mic. Sometimes people do this by accident. If there is no sound, give the benefit of the doubt because of accidents with hot keys (~ To Avoid Mic Jumping>Go to online/offline buddy list> file top left > set up preferences> audio set up> down arrow on enable global hotkey scroll down select F9 and click ok )
  • Drugs (except Pot), Weapons, Children in background- Red dot, drop cam, and warn. (Children at the PC is auto bounce). If you don’t know how to drop a cam ask in @ whisper. If they cam again and the same issue is still present, bounce.
  • Please do not remove other admins red dots, but if you suspect that a red dot is outdated or overdue, ask via an admin whisper if anyone owns that red dot. If the answers received back are negative from all admins present, then remove the red dot.
  • Under NO circumstances should an Admin EVER remove a bounce made by another Admin. If there is a question about a bounce, an Admin should only PM a Super Admin to resolve any issues. Removal of a bounce will result in losing Admin privileges.
  • In addition, it is NEVER acceptable for an admin to bounce another admin or a guest just for fun!
  • Under no circumstance should ADMIN ever make fun of, criticize, be little, or make any derogatory comment of any roomie for any reason in admin whisper.


It is impossible to be sure of anyone’s age with no profile, However, we must make sure to look at all cams in the room and if there is anyone underage on cam they must be bounced immediately. If you are not sure, ask your fellow admins and supers for their opinion.


  • When cover is required for a set please pm Lorrx so she can make alternative arrangements. If she’s not available, please contact another Super Admin. Do NOT go ahead and arrange your own cover. Please do this in a pm and not through admin whispers.
  • Please try to arrive at least 15 minutes before your set; last minute arrivals can cause confusion at times as to whether someone is going to be here. If you arrive late and cover has been arranged, then that person is under no obligation to give the mic to you.
  • Do not admin over the mic; sprouting rules etc over voice is off-putting to other roomies, can kill the vibe of the room and not what the DJ is on the mic to do. Please deal with all Admin issues in text only.
  • Do not ask other people to join you on mic unless u have consulted Lorrx or another Super Admin beforehand.
  • Many djs have complained about lack of support during their sets, so please support other DJs. We all enjoy having people in here to help and cam etc while we are on mic, it is only fair and not unreasonable to ask you do this in return for others.


Open mics are mainly for room guests and admins that do not have a regularly scheduled set. Admins who DJ on a regular basis should only raise hand during Open Mic if hands are needed to keep a regular flow.
We ask the Admins with the help of the Super Admins to monitor and to hold slot at the end of Open Mic for the next scheduled DJ. Average between 11-12 minutes for each DJ to correctly calculate end time for Open Mic.