June 2, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

All of those burning questions that you have about We Like Being Watched and Paltalk can be answered right here!

Question: What is Paltalk?

Answer: Paltalk is a video group chat service that enables users to communicate via video, internet chat and voice. It offers chat rooms and the ability for users to create their own public virtual chat room.

Question: Is Paltalk free to use?

Answer: Yes, Paltalk is free to download and free to use. Upgrades can be purchased in order to provide a better overall service, such as viewing of multiple webcams without interruption and listening to music rooms with High Quality sound.

Question: Can I get naked in We Like Being Watched?

Answer: Yes, We Like Being Watched is an adult room located in the Adult Playground section on the Paltalk Rooms List, and anyone who enters can choose to be naked on cam.

Question: Can I tell people on cam to get naked in We Like Being Watched?

Answer: While we love the fact that many on cam like to get naked, it is NOT permissable for any guest to ask anyone on cam to get naked or show anything they’re not already seeing.

Question: Can I play music in We Like Being Watched?

Answer: We Like Being Watched has a rotation of DJs that play music on a weekly basis. We also have set times during the week in which guests can raise their hands and play two tunes for a maximum of 10 minutes. All they need is to be able to play their music through the sound card on their computer.

Question: Why should I make We Like Being Watched my destination of choice on Paltalk?

Answer: We Like Being Watched prides itself on being the friendliest room on Paltalk. All guests are greeted warmly when they they say hello in main text, and our administrators do everything they can to ensure that each of our guests feels welcomed at all times.

Question: Why does We Like Being Watched show up in green colored font in the Paltalk Rooms List?

Answer: We Like Being Watched pays a monthly fee to Paltalk in order to maintain the high quality sound that our guests hear. That fee is paid for by many of our administrators and room guests who kindly make donations to keep our room green.

Question: Can I request my favorite song to be played in the room?

Answer: Yes! We encourage guests to request songs, either by typing the name of the song in main text or via whisper to the DJ on mic at the time. Not every DJ plays requests, but many are more than williing!

Question: How do I upgrade my nickname after I join Paltalk?

Answer: After joining Paltalk, and you have decided to upgrade to see multiple cams and listen to High Quality sound, you can go back to your main Paltalk window and click File>My Paltalk. A new web browser will open to the Paltalk upgrade page. Simply follow the instructions and your upgrade will be finalized in minutes!

Question: Why is there a red dot next to my name?

Answer: At times, administrators of We Like Being Watched may place a “red dot” on a guest if they violate one of the guidelines/rules. That guest will be appropriately warned by an administrator and told not to repeat the violation. The red dot will then be removed from the guest.

Question: Are there specific rules in place for the guests of We Like Being Watched?

Answer: Yes, please refer to our Guidelines page on this site for a complete set of rules to follow when visiting We Like Being Watched.