Thank you for taking the time, trouble and effort to visit our website to perhaps find out a little more about us.
We are one of the longest serving Adult rooms in Paltalk, and our aim is to both supply great music for everyone to hear and great DJ’s whose sole function is to entertain you 24 hours a day. 7 days a week and 365 days a year, we never close!!!
The name of the room alone should encourage you to start up your cam on entry and join the rest of the room on cam. We often have well in excess of 70 cams broadcasting in WLBW, so why not be one of them, enjoying the sights and smiles and the different quirks that the often cams supply!!
WLBW, is a multi-national room, with multi lingual admins whose job it is to make sure everyone has a great time. We boast a huge ^5 welcome to all races and walks of life. Everyone is welcome in our room. No matter what your twist in life might be, you will be made welcome. In return, we ask that you adhere to few small room rules that are in place, which you will find under the guidelines section of our website.

Please familiarise yourself with these rules, as it will save you being disciplined by the room administrators. None of these rules are taxing, they are based on the values of life, and include politeness, common decency and no rudeness and above all respect at all times.
You might wonder why is our room name a green colour in the room listing. This means we pay Paltalk a rent for our room every single month. It is not a small amount either, mostly in the region of $250
a month. You might also ask, why do we pay? Well, the answer is simple with several answers.
Firstly many of our roomies are music lovers and for that reason we like our DJ’s to have the best quality of sound available on the web. It makes listening so much easier and more enjoyable.
Secondly, being such a popular room that at times it becomes so busy that the “free room” capacity of 300 is not enough to house all of our friends. By raising this additional monthly amount via our room members and admins, our room capacity also increases to 500, plus its admins, so there should be more than enough room everyone.
It all just part of the service, but it comes at a price.
If you like our room and would either like to be an administrator, please firstly join our website, the link to which you will find in the banner at the top of the room.
Become a regular and get know to everyone in the room and we are sure that after a while of being a regular you will be asked if you would like to help run the room.
As previously mentioned, this room costs a monthly subscription payable to Paltalk, so if you would also like to make sure that good entertainment continues along with great music and sound in WLBW, and you have a few bucks spare that month, please contact an admin and they will advise you on how you can assist with any donation you are able to afford.
Many of our Dj’s have huge collections of music and are therefore in a position to play tune requests. So please, if there is a tune that you haven’t heard in a while or might bring back some fond memories, make a tune request in open text and see if the current DJ can satisfy your needs.
You might find that a please, when asking, goes a long way to being successful in this regard.
So sit back, enjoy the music, start up some new room topic in the text and see how many people join in with you. Many of us in WLBW have been there many years, we have struck up many long term relationships and friendships, so why not hang around in our room for a while, get known each other via text and form your own bonds with other people from all over the world with similar interests.
Thank you for reading all of this. We hope it was both informative and useful and will assist you to get the most of We Like Being Watched.

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